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We had the chance to spend a weekend with the 2012 Outback Limited in snow country. On the way back I experienced something that I have not ever, and wondered if this was a problem peculiar to the Outback Limited wheels. On the way home, I felt ride get bumpy, like it would feel if the wheels were unbalanced. After it didn't go away I pulled over and found the inside of the rims of the back wheels packed with snow. This was the case on both rear wheels. Knocked the snow off, and everything was fine. I've never had a car do this before, have you?
You know that shirt "sh-t happens"

Snow happens - the bigger the wheel the bigger the possibility of getting a case of the shakes. My Sequoia has done this a couple of times. My Gen 4 subaru not yet but I know it can happen. My 2001 Legacy GT which spent far far more time in the big snow than our Gen 4 will - only had this happen once in all the 11yrs of big snow weekends in the Sierras where they measure the nightly dump in increments of 3ft. LOL

I keep an old cut down broom stick in the trunk works great for knocking ice and snow loose from the wheels. Though I haven't used it for so long I can't recall if its even in the car.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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