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I want to see what failed in my 4EAT front diff, what has to be done beyond just taking off the bolts that hold the bellhousing to the trans proper?

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Pic of exploded front case attached.

Front Differential


1.Remove the transmission assembly from the vehicle.
2.Extract the torque converter clutch assembly.
3.Remove the input shaft.
4.Disconnect the air breather hose.
5.Lift-up lever behind the transmission harness connector and disconnect it from stay.
6.Disconnect inhibitor switch from stay.
7.Remove the oil charger pipe.
8.Remove the oil cooler inlet and outlet pipes.
9.Separation of torque converter clutch case and transmission case.
10.Remove the seal pipe if it is attached.
11.Remove the differential side retainer with ST.

NOTE: Hold the differential case assembly by hand to avoid damaging retainer mounting hole of the torque converter clutch case.

ST 499787000 WRENCH ASSY

12.Remove the differential assembly without damaging installation part of retainer.


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