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SoCal Wilderness buyers. $5k over MSRP?

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I just got a quote from Glendale Subaru (The largest Subaru dealer in the world) and they want $5000 over MSRP. I'm totally new to Subaru, is that how most dealers are? I'm in San Diego but willing to drive north if anyone has any suggestions.

This is my first post but I've learned so much lurking on this forum. Thank you all in advance.
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It is a bad time to buy a new or used vehicle, might be a good time to sell something though. I spent a lot of time and research on the websites, went to 3 dealers and 3 more on the phone, between Thursday- last Sunday, and it was a huge struggle to lease a Hyundai Kona electric for my Fiance in the Los Angeles area because the dealers were marking up most cars $4,995. for the chip shortage, and they had pre installed paint protection, interior protection, and alarms for a $2,500-$3,200 add depending on dealer. We were after a 21 SEL model that has a nationally advertised $199. lease, but it is unobtainable since this market only has Limited and Ultimate models remaining. I used to sell cars for a living so I know the business, and this was an absolute chore because the dealers are confident they will get plenty of foolish suckers right now. In the end, Norm Reeves called me Sunday at 7:00 pm and accepted my offer which was to waive all add ons and $100 more per month for 36 mo lease on a 5k higher msrp car than the special lease offer msrp car. Point is, make an offer that you are comfortable with to all dealers near you and then wait it out. This dealer was very nice once we arrived at a deal, and I would recommend them and the Kona to anyone looking for an E car, but like emphasized by posts above, If you can wait, wait, because they are getting new 22s and soon it will be back to normal.
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