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Become a member of a Subaru VIP organization. I have read the fastest way to get access is to make a $500 ASPCA donation. You will want to confirm before trying it, but I have read this on several Subaru forums. Most VIP orgs have a waiting period before gaining VIP access. From what I have read (again you should confirm), ASPCA waves this period for a donation of $500 or more.
Yep. I donate anyways. Be sure you verify the dealer accepts the VIP form both before placing an order and before you negotiate price, because there will be no negotiation. Many dealers do not accept VIP.

The dealers that do the program reserves the right to deny VIP pricing... I think. But not on the basis of it being a special edition, because the Wilderness is not. I do not think Austin Subaru will do that deal again (I pre-ordered and built-to-order in April, though, I did not "walk in"). That’s a lot of money off a hot vehicle, and they’d rather make the sale go cold and find a full price buyer. Best way to do it is customer order and wait.

Spending $500 to save multiple thousands is proper. I wouldn’t have paid a dime over MSRP, and my savings paid for the TT&L, PPF, and Tint.
1 - 2 of 52 Posts
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