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SoCal Wilderness buyers. $5k over MSRP?

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I just got a quote from Glendale Subaru (The largest Subaru dealer in the world) and they want $5000 over MSRP. I'm totally new to Subaru, is that how most dealers are? I'm in San Diego but willing to drive north if anyone has any suggestions.

This is my first post but I've learned so much lurking on this forum. Thank you all in advance.
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Some of this must be driven by the current car shortage. I’m in CO and was quoted $10k over MARP for a RAV4 Prime and a couple local subaru dealers quoted above MSRP for Outbacks (any of the various turbo models). I ended up using TrueCar and getting 10% off on a Touring XT.
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Also, a local dealer in Colorado, Valley Subaru, has a bunch of OB Wilderness models in stock and seems to be quoting MSRP. That’s where I bought my Touring XT. It’s a good dealership.
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Cant go wrong at Valley! Who'd you work with, Covenant?
Karl (forgot his last name). You buy there?
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