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SoCal Wilderness buyers. $5k over MSRP?

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I just got a quote from Glendale Subaru (The largest Subaru dealer in the world) and they want $5000 over MSRP. I'm totally new to Subaru, is that how most dealers are? I'm in San Diego but willing to drive north if anyone has any suggestions.

This is my first post but I've learned so much lurking on this forum. Thank you all in advance.
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Got my XT at Irvine Subaru, they had one marked up 10k, the sales person bragged about how its a competition to see how much over MSRP they could get people to pay....I should have walked away from that mess to be honest but in the end they met my conditions of MSRP and T1 financing rate. Tried to say I had to buy a $2000 warranty or else I would only qualify for 4%....I think its because I am only 21 and well look like young child but these idiots quickly realized they need to meet my terms or I could go to any if the 5 other Subaru dealers in the greater LA South CA area. I knew before walking in my credit scores put me at T1 and they even showed me what they pulled, only to come back with that BS.

So sounds like MSRP and the 1.9% 48 month is the best I will do. I'm good with that if I can find a deal like yours. Thanks for the help.
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Thanks to everyone for the help! The reason I'm shopping for a new car is I'm having health issues and I'm having trouble getting in and out of my Tacoma. Luckily it looks like I will get around $5k more than I paid for my truck 2 years ago so that helps a bit. Thanks for the Costco advice! I didnt even think about that. My spoke to my local Costco Subaru dealer and put my name on an incoming car. It will be for MSRP and I get a $200 credit for accessories and I want the roof crossbars that are $500. I know I could get a better deal by waiting a few months but I really need something now and I'm in love with the wilderness. I went to the dealer and looked at one that was sold and I want one just like it.

Thanks again everyone.
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I bought my 20 Touring XT from Glendale Subaru in Dec 2019. I had to order it and paid cash for it. I got some discount off MSRP but I will NEVER buy from Glendale Subaru again. They are a slimy. untoward organization. I filed complaints with BBB and SOA; all of which fell on deaf ears. My issue was having to run a credit report and not providing me a copy as required by law. Mind you, this was for a cash transaction. No credit or financing involved. I made SOA change my preferred dealer after buying the car. The Glendale Subaru sales person was decent but the Finance person and General Manager were certified dirt bags. I would gladly pay a little more but certainly not over MSRP and use another dealer. If the only way to get the car was by paying over MSRP, I will wait. I did not need a new car but I wanted the 20 Touring XT to replace my 12 Limited. Had I known that Glendale Subaru were the slime balls they turned out to be, I would have taken my business elsewhere.
I'm glad I dodged that bullet. I have been buying all my Toyotas from Longo in El Monte, the largest Toyota dealer in the world and they are so great. I thought I would have the same luck with a Subaru but Glendale was a joke. After the Costco advice I am all set, they are even going to bring the paperwork and car to my house. I won't even step into the dealer just like how all of my Toyota deals have been. Now I just have to wait but I'm really excited to drive my first Subaru.
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