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Software Update

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Just pulled into the driveway and car hooked onto wifi. Software update came up so I pressed update.
Version details below. I dare say they’re available for all AU models. Connect to your wifi and check.

Mobile phone Product Telephony Communication Device Mobile device

update now complete - no change to screen, so all behind the scenes software update.
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The 2023 style update for 20-22 model years has rolled out in the states, with AVH, ASS, easier heater seat & fan buttons on the home screen. This update, AFAIK can only be done via USB not OTA(wifi). I don't want to try it because I suspect there will be obvious differences in the NA version compared to the Oceania/jap made version. Is there a page you can download the files directly from subaru aus/nz? Maybe the new files are there?
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