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I see a lot of post wanting pics. I had a 99 Impreza Sport in today that some nut diagnosed an oil leak as the oil pan needing to be replaced. NOT. Once I got it in the air, oil was all over the place and the trail led to behind the belt cover.

Bank 1 cam seal and crankshaft seal both were leaking. In my shop, its an $800 job, parts, labor and taxes, plus since the company owns a full service car wash across the street, it came with a full detail with that kind of repair for free. The repair includes:

Timing belt kit (Gates which includes belt, all pulleys, and tensioner assembly)
2 camshaft seals (from Subaru - aftermarket doesn't fit proper)
1 crankshaft seal (same as above)
Water pump (remanufactured with lifetime part warranty)
New clamps
Coolant fill/bleed

The pictures are in order from disassembly to reassembly as I went along. It took me 2 hours to do the repair, including washing the motor down after, (hey, yellow caps again), and I had a lot of visitors while I was working on it to see the Sleeper.

Any questions, just ask.


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