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2013 OB 3.6R LTD w/Nav & ES (prev 2010 OB 3.6R Ltd)
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The Dave Solon Subaru of Pueblo are the Best! :29: Bought our 1st OB from them --via internet and e-mails-- in 2010. Everything came together great. Although we had a dealership in El Paso, TX, they priced the vehicle we wanted at $7,000 above the price Solon gave us! Since our Son and his family live in Colorado Springs, it was easy for us to justify renting a car for the drive up to Pueblo to pick up our OB and continue to CS for a bit of R&R. The purchase went perfectly! Everything was waiting for us -- as promised and at the price we were quoted (no last minute switcheroos.) Through the years they continued to send us coupons and other reminders that they would like our business... I always got the feeling they remembered and appreciated their customers.

When we recently bought a 2013 OB here in So. FL, I contacted Solon for a refund of the unused portion of our extended warranty...I had the refund check in 2 Days! No hassle. I only wish our latest buying experience was as pleasant (see review of Pembroke Pines Subaru for details)
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