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My wife and I decided to get out for a Sunday drive and take our new baby on the exact same trails we occasionally do with our Jeep Rubicon on the weekends.
We had a blast putting the Wilderness through it’s paces.
We traversed some very loose gravel roads with some mild to fairly decent washouts, I felt/heard the skid plates doing their job a few times and didn’t worry too much.
(LP Aventure skid plates coming soon).🙏🏼

This road also had some extremely tight hare-pin turns that led to immediate steep inclines. In the past, our Jeep would always spin a tire or two while transitioning from a tight turn to an immediate incline.
Impressively, not once did the Wilderness slip or spin a tire… not once.
We crossed two shallow creeks with large submerged rocks with the deepest water being approximately 18” inches.
We drove through some tall grass “washboard/terraced” pasture areas to get to our favorite picnic area for some “in-dash” barbecue in the Subaru with a beautiful view!
I was very interested to see what else the stock Geolandar’s would handle.
The tall, thick, green pasture grass can be a little slick on the steep slope, shady side of the mountain. I have experienced tire spin in the past while traveling to our favorite secluded spot, after a heavy rain.
The Yokohama G’s never skipped a beat, I often felt like we had rubber tracks on this Subie, because she was flawless in her performance.
We NEVER felt the urge or need to engage X Mode at any time.
Our new Subaru Wilderness tackled every single obstacle we chose to tackle without fail, without hesitation, without any drama whatsoever… and literally made it feel effortless.
The symmetrical all wheel drive system is amazing off road as well as it’s on road performance.
With a little time behind the wheel, this vehicle instills lots of confidence in many different driving environments as well as all skill levels of drivers.
I especially enjoy driving this Wilderness in the rain of all things!
It handles amazingly well on wet surfaces.
The Wilderness is our first Subaru. It is nimble, comfortable, fuel efficient and very capable.

We are headed to Colorado in September for the winter and are excited to see how she handles a little snow!

I included a few scenery pics, I’ll include some terrain pics next time.

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Looks like a wonderful time. Glad you enjoy the new vehicle. Being adventurous, I did some too in my 2.5, but using X Mode a lot. Unfortunately no photos.
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