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I didn't spin the wheel once the tire was off. I checked my pads and I had more material on the inner than the outer. I didn't measure that but it looked like 1/2" inner and 1/4" outer. My brakes have been squealing for quite sometime, though.

I wasn't able to reproduce the dragging sound once I left the particular parking lot I was in. But now, I'm just more concerned with this leaking grease. I didnt touch it but it wasn't flowing like watery condensation - just seemed like goo.

Is the bearing supposed to have that bend in it?
The nut holding the rotor/bearings is staked. That is how it is kept from coming loose. The grease seems to indicate that the bearing seal has failed, and it should be a unit sealed bearing, so the bearing itself has likely failed/overheated. How many miles?

Regardless, this needs immediate attention. Good Luck.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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