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Soob noob!

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HELLO ALL!!! My name is Kyle, I'm 28y/o and from Eugene Oregon. I'm a former Nissan guy recently turned Subaru owner. Just got my hands on a 2000 Impreza Outback sport 2.2L 5 speed.

Time to learn everything about it, Im not a car noob in general, but this is my first Subaru so Im sure I will be picking the forum apart and looking to pick your brains. This forum already helped me figure out that I need both O2 sensors, and a knock sensor. I have yet to figure out any info on the rear "humm" which I'm assuming is a the DIF in the back. Other than that, I just need a passenger headlight, a driver side tail light and a new radiator. I'll hunt that stuff down in the appropriate threads.

anyway, hope to learn a lot and meet some cool people. I've always wanted an Impreza!!!!!

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Welcome! :29:
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