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First car was an 02 or 01 saturn s series it was the base model but it was manual and the SOHC was murdered by a deer at 412000 km dubbed it the super launch. virtually indestructable other than the
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Hey guys new to the forum, I hear good things about subarus lasting well into the 300.000 km range and being reliable and such. I like the idea of having an awd car for the winter as I live in canada and I know how to drive through a blizzard but had to sell my 4x4 5.3 crew cab short box chevy silverado I named grace. I got her up to 460,000 km before selling her and i'm hoping a subaru can last like grace did. Thus began my search for a cheap fuel efficient car... for some reason i bought an 03 ford focus sedan with 285000 km on it for 1700 safetied and everything but a warranty from the dealer i bought my truck from... well about 10000 km and 3 months into owning it the motor blew... the dealer was only going to give me 150.00 for it as trade in not even cash. so i said nuts to this and bought another focus that was the same year for 700 bucks its rusted out to the point you can't safety it unless you buy a hot safety and of course i realize that after buying it, and yes before you ask I did look under it very closely before buying it. with that discovery I decided that ford is garbage and I was swindled by the dealer. never buying ford again. so this money draining misadventure leads me to now where I am in need of a car. more specifically I'm picky and i want a subaru. I have heard that some of the 2cnd gen 2.5s had head gasket problems and had timing belts but were easy enough to work on and replace the head gasket and timing belt and water pump. i have read that the 3.0 litre v6 had a timing chain and was supposedly bulletproof provided you changed your fluids on time and did the water pump when it was supposed to be done. I prefer manual over automatic anyways but should I stay away from an automatic? any suggestions or advice?
Option 1: I looked at one in toronto for 2000 its an 03 outback 3.0 litre h6 limited automatic 255000 km on it owned by an older guy and I saw the original factory paint underneath it where the spare it, also saw very little rust for a canadian car and it idled smoothly. haven't test drove it yet as I bring my dad for that.
Option 2: theres an 03 2.5 litre manual with 233000 on it haven't looked at it yet but am hoping to this week or weekend.

any input or feedback would be very helpful and appriciated thanks!
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