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soon to be new outback owner(maybe?)

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Hello all, I am looking at a 2017 or maybe a 2018 Outback and have a couple question or more like concerns I guess. I have seen where some of the previous model years had a issue with oil consumption. Is this still a concern with the 17 or 18 models? Also have read about head gasket issues in some past models. Is this something to be concerned about as well or is this in the past? Right now we own a 2011 and a 2013 Toyota rav4. One reason I am looking at the Outback is for towing capacity as we like to kayak and want to invest in a kayak trailer to pull behind. Thanks for any help.
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I would stick to something like a CR-V for your use. A kayak trailer is not going to strain the towing capacity of anything (most run around 200 lbs), so I wouldn't fret about it. You'll get a better price, better reliability, and better gas mileage out of the CR-V. The new little turbo in the 2017 CR-Vs is pretty fun as well... it's a lot livelier than the 2.5i and gets ~10 mpg better than the 3.6R... more or less the best of both worlds.
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