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As many of you guys know, my Outback is a MY99 GX. This means that I missed out on the leather steering wheel and gearshift knob. The leather wheel and knob were standard on all Limited models, and made standard on the base GX grade with the MY00 upgrade.

I asked Subaru Aust if they sell the OEM leather wheel and gear knob via their website, but I was fed the standard corporate line of "we don't recommend changing the steering wheel due to the air bag mechanism". I also asked a Subaru wrecker, Sunspares Subaru in QLD, who told me "we believe that all Outbacks came with a leather steering wheel and gear knob". Thanks einstein, I know the difference between leather and plastic, and all of the updates made during the 2nd Gen's time. :rolleyes:

Does anyone have any idea where I could source an OEM steering wheel and shift knob ?

I would also grab a MY01 double DIN CD/Cassette head unit as well if I could find it.....
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