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2000 OB 5 speed, 2001 OB LLB, 2008 OB LLB
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Last week I had my 2008 LL Bean at the dealer where they replaced the ECM.

Yesterday I was driving and got the sense that the speedometer was reading below what I expected. When I compared to my GPS at various speeds, it's about 5-8 mph low. Most speedo errors in my experience read optimistically.

I then noticed that when I turn the car on, the speedo pointer rests below zero. When I started it, I expected it to come up to zero, but it stays in that position. When I begin to drive, it seems to respond quickly and moves through the zero mark at about 5 mph according to my GPS.

Can someone tell me what I am supposed to be seeing as I go through the steps I described above?

It's really bugging me. I plan to call the dealer later today and on the basis that I spent almost $800 on the ECM they'll probably entertain me, but I have little faith in their ability to really know these things. My experience with the dealer's diagnostic skills leaves me doubtful.

Thanks in advance for your reply

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2008 OB Limited 2.5i, Portland OR USA
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Good post here on the whole system operation - still applicable to Gen 3, I believe:

If the odometer is still operating correctly (this is entirely digital), then I believe your analog gauge in the instrument cluster may be uncalibrated or defective. Since the dealer changed the ECM only, I would start out with them and see if they missed a step.
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