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Spun rod bearing- what else to check

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So today my engine began to making a clacking noise, especially when lifting of the throttle. I have been lurking on these forums, and legacygt, long enough to know this was the rod bearing issue. Fortunately I didn't lose any driveability and was able to get it into the dealer. I am confident this will get fixed under warranty and will probably result in a new shortblock. My question is how does this affect the turbo? I probably put 18 miles on the car under this condition. I checked the dipstick twice, one time with the technician at the dealership, and I didn't see any sparklies on the dipstick. I know the oil also flows through the turbo and the turbos can be damaged from contaminated oil. I fully plan on keeping this car into the 120-150k mile range just like all my previous vehicles. I know the turbos themselves do not usually see a long life, 70-120k under normal conditions, but now I wonder if the life of mine just got shortened. Should I be pushing for a new turbo? If not, I would think that an oil flush would certainly be warranted.

It didn't take long for the tech to diagnose the engine knock as a spun bearing (think he's seen these before?). He told me that normally this would not be covered, but asked me for my oil change records and stated that he will work on getting approval. I have 21k on it now and it is a CPO so I have just under 3 years and 80k more miles before the powertrain warranty is up.

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These two videos sound identical to my engine. I had found a 3rd video that was worse than these two and my engine.
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To anyone that is interested. I took my car to Groove Subaru (used to be Burt Subaru). They only asked for my oil change information (already had it on hand) and they took care of the rest. They replaced the short block, turbo, oil pump, and installed a new turbo oil feed line (with the banjo filter). My understanding is Subaru omitted the banjo filter (union filter) on the '09 models and maybe some '08's so I am not sure if I care for that being put back in. Is is probably a [email protected] if you do, [email protected] if you don't situation. I dropped the car off Wednesday afternoon and picked it up the following Monday. The dealership was very good about keeping me informed of the progress and what they found (bad rod bearing, some debris in the oil pan). I went against their recommendation (normal 3750 mile interval) and changed the oil after 230 miles, and will do it again in another 600-1000 miles before I resume the normal interval. Everything looks find, sounds fine, and drives fine (well I am missing two plastic grommets). I haven't owned the car very long but the fuel mileage seems to be the same as before the issue came up (mpg can drop when things aren't running right).

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yikes - is that the same engine in my 06 WRX?

anyway - sounds like the treated you well - I suspect the turbo would've been OK, but still, they seem to have been thorough with the repair.
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