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2010 Outback Limited 3.6R, Satin Pearl White, 19mm STI rear sway bar, steering shake fix
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My 2010 Outback developed a squeak or scraping noise during a hard left turn, i.e. when the wheel was all the way to the left or nearly so. Not the kind of noise that comes from power steering, more of a metallic noise.

The dealer diagnosed a strut/spring problem. They replaced both struts and springs, both "arm assemblies", bushings, and a gasket. They performed bulletin 05-49-10R, which has been posted on this forum before:

I tested it after driving it home today, and the noise is definitely gone. I'll be interested to see if the OB handles or sounds any different with the new struts. I had felt that the car felt a little loose or rattly in the last few months, but not enough to really complain about.

No charge for the repair, and no argument or hassle.
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