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2005 Outback 3.0R VDC/VTD/LSD 5eat , 2.8'' lift
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I saw there was similar posts to other gens but whats with this gen, anybody know why or how to fix this. Its tailgate.its started louder about month ago. If i just close it without click its silent. Second i close it properly and start driving even on good road its just starts squeaking so bad. So i tried to remove all plastics from inside tailgate . same. Then removed rear light too . same . so its not plastics on tailgate just tailgate itself. Like frame i dont get it . i lubed everything there with silicon spray. I tried to put payer of some cloth and then close gate, same. When i removed gate inside cover plastic it made even worse sounds.
I can make that sound just to hold on closed gate from outside and try to move it up and down and it starts to squeak.
It doesnt touch bumper as i see it. And its not making any sound if i not close gate till lock but just close it on its weight then its no sound. Its. Not lock as its lubed properly and i lubed all rubber around and everything else that not needed to lube .but its just so irritating.
Anyone had that ?
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