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Hello I was hoping to get some ideas about what may be causing a squealing noise.

Car: 08 XT Auto.
Background: Yesterday I had a sudden break in a transmission line on the left side of car near radiator. I suddenly had trouble shifting and was luckily only 3 blocks from home. Once I got home most, if not all, of the transmission fluid had leaked. It was mostly found at the front left of the car and in the wheel well. I had it towed to a transmission shop which replaced the line and another one that was cracking.. I tried to clean up some of the mess but it was quite difficult to get it all.

Issue: Since that work was done yesterday, I am hearing a low to moderate squealing noise from that same area (front left near the bottom). It does not occur when the car is in park. If I am in Drive and braked it is basically a constant noise. When driving its about 75% of the time and more when I am in acceleration. It doesn't seem to occur as much when in R. However it does not seem to be related to any shifts. Shifting is totally smooth. T I am wondering if there could be a belt that runs under the conditions above in that area, that is coated in oil and is squealing? There was quite a lot of oil in that area of the car.

he mechanic thought maybe it could be a pump and thought the transmission was fine. However to me it seems unlikely a pump would have a problem right after this issue, in the same area.

I am planning on having a proper look myself next week when I have the time but would appreciate any advice on possible areas to look. Thanks!
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