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Starlink Renewal Question

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My three years are up on the plan I purchased at the time I bought my 2020 Outback Limited. I use the remote start from my Subaru phone app all of the time and would like to keep that ability. I am in AAA and don't necessarily need roadside assistance. SOA quoted me a price of $150 for renewal. When I went to my account to enter my billing info I noticed that the $150 is broken into two pieces.
Starlink Safety Plus is $99.95.
Starlink Security Plus is $49.95.

I really only want the remote start. Is that included in the Starlink Security Plus for 49.95?
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My wife’s 3 years will be up next month as well. The $150 is for another 3 years, correct?
I think it might be $150.00 a year. :( Don't quote me. People have a way of getting 50% discounts sometimes - I don't know how.
Ok, $150 a year is definitely not worth it to me, but I’ll have to see what my wife thinks.
The Starlink 800# which is different than the SOA one.

Thank you. I checked with my wife, her subscription would auto-renew on 1/20/23. Even at half the rate per year she’s planning to cancel it next month which can be done through the MySubaru app. Mine will go through August and I will cancel. I like having the functionality and that $75 for 3 years is well worth it. That much per year, if they discounted it, not so much for me and apparently her as well.
I've used remote start maybe 12 times in 3 years, car location 6 times (just for fun), remote lock or unlock 3 times. If I use it that much in the next 3 years at the cost of $450.00 that's insanely expensive. Even at half price of $225.00.
We are both retired now. My wife did use the remote start in the winter while she was working, but no real need now, and we’re in Maryland, not that big a need. I also have to chuckle, you’ve seen my other thread. This will expire before she even gets her car back with the repaired clutch pack. They’ve said late January, hopefully. The positive side is she has a loaner that is an identical 2020 Onyx XT, white instead of black like hers. But she’ll be driving it until next year! No remote start for it.
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I believe it loses everything.
Do you have any idea what functionality is left on the MySubaru app once the subscription has expired. It’s too bad they couldn’t offer the same 3 year term at a modestly higher rate. I’d even consider it although I don’t much use those other functions. Most of that is provided by my phone, even crash detection, plus I have an app on the phone that also does that, including my Apple Watch. But remote start does come in handy occasionally.
I talked to my Dealer yesterday about this and he said that if you don't renew the Starlink subscription the MySubaru App is worthless.
My wife only used the app for the remote start function and other than checking for recalls, which I’ve found out about here long before I see it in the app, I didn’t use it for much else. Is there another way to access a remote start function? I’m aware of the separate fob that was/is available, but can that be added and used if it wasn’t included when the vehicle was purchased? It might not be of much use for us since we live in a condo building some distance away from where the cars are parked but I am curious about it. My wife would be interested in that if it were feasible. Other than that, the subscription wouldn’t be worth it. It’s too bad they couldn’t continue the 3 year option for $75-$150. At a max of $50 a year we would consider it. Seems like they would also benefit as opposed to those like us who will just cancel.
The app-based remote start function relies on cellular connectivity to the car. Without a Starlink subscription that connectivity is suspended so there would be no way for the command to reach the vehicle.
Granted, but there is a separate remote start fob. Can that be added? Again it might not be a viable option for us.
Granted, but there is a separate remote start fob. Can that be added? Again it might not be a viable option for us.
Ah, I see that remote start can be performed by the existing key fob. I didn’t know about that. But that still has a distance issue for us. We might try it though and see how far away it can be used.
Thanks guys, I wasn’t aware of what was necessary for the separate fob or using the existing key fob. Either way renewing the subscription or having the add-on mechanism installed it’s not really worth it to us. We’re still waiting for Subaru to fix the transmission, remote start is a bit superfluous when your car is disabled:mad:
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You can have the fob-based remote start system installed...the parts are likely about $400 and the labor is on top of that. This is only available as a dealer installed's not been available "from the factory/port" for years now as they encourage use of the StarLink subscription.
Thanks. I asked my wife if she wanted to push for that as some kind of compensation for this transmission ordeal but she’s not interested. Neither the Starlink subscription nor this remote start system is worth it to us at this time.
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