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Starlink Renewal Question

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My three years are up on the plan I purchased at the time I bought my 2020 Outback Limited. I use the remote start from my Subaru phone app all of the time and would like to keep that ability. I am in AAA and don't necessarily need roadside assistance. SOA quoted me a price of $150 for renewal. When I went to my account to enter my billing info I noticed that the $150 is broken into two pieces.
Starlink Safety Plus is $99.95.
Starlink Security Plus is $49.95.

I really only want the remote start. Is that included in the Starlink Security Plus for 49.95?
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I talked to my Dealer yesterday about this and he said that if you don't renew the Starlink subscription the MySubaru App is worthless.
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Ah, I see that remote start can be performed by the existing key fob. I didn’t know about that. But that still has a distance issue for us. We might try it though and see how far away it can be used.
My experience is that it works pretty much by "line of sight"! If you can't see or hear the car it doesn't work (or you don't know if it did work)!
As long as you have Internet service on your phone you can remote start your car from anywhere in the world! But the discussion here is really remote start via the key FOB - not the App.
You can easily check your billing and renewal settings online at under My STARLINK subscriptions. You have the ability to enable or disable automatic renewal. You can also check to see if you have a credit card on file.
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Walking into a dealership with tens of thousands in cash to pay for a car feels way too much like a drug deal for me to be comfortable with it. I paid for the car itself with a bank check.

I wonder how they put your Starlink through without a credit card. Since you buy the car from the dealer they must have some way to transfer money. When I went through it everything was presented as a transaction between me and Starlink, nothing to do with the dealer.
You paid for it mate - one way or the other! Check your Invoice - talk to your Dealer!
Hey guys - this thread is about STARLINK - not Sirius/XM!
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