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Starlink Renewal Question

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My three years are up on the plan I purchased at the time I bought my 2020 Outback Limited. I use the remote start from my Subaru phone app all of the time and would like to keep that ability. I am in AAA and don't necessarily need roadside assistance. SOA quoted me a price of $150 for renewal. When I went to my account to enter my billing info I noticed that the $150 is broken into two pieces.
Starlink Safety Plus is $99.95.
Starlink Security Plus is $49.95.

I really only want the remote start. Is that included in the Starlink Security Plus for 49.95?
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I feel like I'm going to have this exact conversation 5 years from now when I am due for renewal. I'm only a bit over a month in with the 5 years I purchased at a discount during initial purchase and I like the features even if I don't use all of it (now). I also do park the car outside a lot and it helps now (during cold season) and probably during the height of summer too. What I am interested in is the security features related to monitoring your teen. In the 5 years I will have a driving age teen and I'm looking forward to seeing how that goes. I know we can get 3rd party apps that do the same (have those too now) but something native to the car is always interesting.
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I only did a 5 year rate. In hindsight I should have done 7.
I wish they offered the 7 yr now. I would have gotten that too.
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