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Start Up Problem

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Hi I have been having a problem with my '96 outback that I hop e someone can help me with.

Recently my check engine light has come on and my car has not been starting well. Sometimes when I start my car the idle dies down, it sputters, and almost stalls. Every once and awhile it will die but it will always starts next time. Once it starts it idles high around 2000 rpm until I start driving.

Weird thing is I had this problem previously a few of months ago but it completely went away until recently.

Also my check engine light now will go on and off randomly but the problem persists.

Any thoughts?
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You didn't really give us anything to work with here.

Get the codes read. Can't do anything but guess if we don't know what the vehicle is telling you.

You don't list your location, please fix that.

Any autoparts store in the US (outside of California) will read the codes for free.

Please post them here along with any service history for your car.

What engine?
How old are the plugs?
Timing belt?
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