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2002 Outback LL Bean, 156k, 3.0 Auto
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Just picked up and 02 Outback LL Bean with the 3.0 and 156k last night. Ran great! Swapped oil, rear diff oil, ATF, coolant, and power steering fluid today. Car started fine and ran well, I drove it less than two miles to a store shut it off and went inside for about a half hour.
When I came out the car started fine, I backed out of my parking spot then when I tried to move in Drive it stuttered a few times, jerked once or twice, and then stalled out. The dash electronics flashed a few times and the trip odometer and dash clock had been reset to 0 and 1:00 respectively. Restarted, goosed the throttle a little and it ran and drove great. Drove a few miles down the road, shut it off for about 10 minutes and it did it again when I left! After a restart and a little blip on the gas it when down the road fine.
Has anyone else had this problem? No lights on the dash on at all. Any ideas?
Thanks in advance!
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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