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Steering lock

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1st time poster. I tow my 2012 Outback behind my motorhome. It has the 6spd standard transmission. My question is with the steering wheel lock or lack of I should say. I have been leaving the key in the ignition turned to the 1st position, so the steering wheel would be unlocked. The other day I noticed that with the ignition turned to lock & the key out, the steering wheel was not locked! The question is, do the OB with standard trans not have a locking steering column or is mine just not working? :confused:
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Owners Manual doesn't distinguish between MT and AT steering wheel locking when referring to the LOCK position of the ignition switch. So I would be surprised if the MT is different.

The lock might not "set" in the particular position of the steering wheel when the key is turned to Lock, but it should then become set if the wheel is turned a small distance. If it doesn't, then I'd think there's fault in the locking mechanism.

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yeah, never seen a car that locks 'straight'.

probably designed that way to encourage a 'runaway' car to wreck out or circle.
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