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Had our 2011 OB 2.51 for 2 years and put on about 57,000 miles. I have been retired for a year and no longer do the 100 mile round trip each day. We love the car! We live on a gravel road waayyy out in the country. So I run the full spectrum of roads. From gravel to 2 lane low quality blacktop, to 2 lane very good blacktop and 4 lane interstates. On all the Sube is a fun driving, smooth riding car. I often tell my wife when on the interstates it would be fun to just keep on going. We love the Sat/Sterio/Bluetooth set up, makes it easy to find anything to suit our fancy. My dealer takes very good care of it as I am a stickler for on-time maintenance.
We were hit by a deer on the right front wheel/headlight area. $3,400 dollars in damages. The body shop did a good job with Subaru parts, she looks good as new and handles as good as always. We are very satisfied with our decision to buy the OB and will not hesitate to do so again if it ever comes up.
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