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Strange performance occurrence

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I have a 2006 LL Bean H6 with 26K miles - today I was entering the interstate under hard acceleration - I hit about 80 and leveled out and back to cruising speed when I saw the check engine light on and the cruise control light blinking, I also then realized that nothing was happening when I pushed the accelerator. I pulled over and the car was idling and revving up and down on it own, pushing the gas peddle did nothing. I shut it down and restarted a couple time, one time was hard to start, after that everything was fine, the check engine light went out and the cruise light stopped flashing. I stopped to see if there was a code and there was not. Any ideas????
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Wow, that is strange. Where did you take it to get the codes read? The cruise control is disabled when the check engine light is on, so that makes sense. Did they confirm that there were no stored codes in the history? Or just that there were no current codes?

PS... you live in Mars, PA? As in, right near Cranberry/Seven Fields? Sweet. I'm right down in Robinson.
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