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2015 Outback limited 3.6R w/eyesight, most of the options. Twilight Blue / Ivory Interior. Ordered 12/27/14. Picked up 2/12/15.
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Ok, all done, car in my Garage, ordered 12/27/14, picked up Thurs 2/12/15.

I pretty much had decided on a 2015 Outback 3.6R Limited. Once I looked at safety features, really wasn't anything else out there that would meet my needs.

I started with Consumer Reports True Car Pricing. Mike Pryor their Internet Sales rep contacted me (after giving permission to contact me). I set up a time to stop in. He set me up with Shawn Klug as my sales advisor.

I let him know that I was hoping on purchasing in spring (April/May hopefully). He listened to what I was interested in, they (like so many other dealers) didn't have a 3.6 to drive, but I drove a 2.5. He knew the right route to take also, a great mix of roads, but including a couple of roads in pretty bad shape, which of course, let me see how it handled both good and bad surfaces.

When we got back, he did the required (and he even said, he has to ask), is there anything he could do that would get me to purchase that day. Didn't pressure, just doing his job. At that point I was down to 2-3 months. He let me know that for the 3.6's there was about 2-3 month (hopefully closer to 2) backlog, so I'd probably want to consider that, once I decided when I was hoping to get it.

I had no plans to look anywhere else. I was sold on the Outback at that point, and sold on Subaru City.

That was on a Saturday 12/20. I think it was the following Tuesday, I set up a time the next Saturday to come in again. So on 12/27, I ordered my Outback. I ended up getting it for pretty much dealer cost (just as the true car pricing came to). Placed my order, signed the order agreement and made a down payment.

On the way home, I'm thinking, wait a minute, new model, the 3.6 is in such demand that if you want a specific color, you pretty much have to order it, and there's a 2-3 month backlog. Yet, I got it for around dealer cost! (I remember the days where you'd walk into a Toyota Dealer and they had the Mark up over retail cost, right on the car!). No pressure, no games on the price, haggling, the "have to check with my Sales Manager" B.S., just, here you go.

By the way, they also include a lifetime power train warranty, no mileage limit!

So then the waiting game starts. Shawn called me on Jan. 28th, they had a 3.6 coming in as a dealer trade, so I could test drive it (even though I already ordered mine). A short test drive and I knew I made the right decision, not that I had any doubts that I wanted the 6 anyway).

While there he looked things up again, had a build date and ETA, 2/5 and 2/17 (estimate, could be an extra day or two, but pretty accurate).

Well, got a nice surprise this past Tuesday (2/10). He saw my Outback on a truck that had just come in!!

Set up to pick it up Thursday. At this point I'm preparing myself for the hard sell on the extended warranty and protection packages, but I did my homework and decided against both.

When I went in, they had a special on the protection package, at the price they had, it became a no brainer (I've read recently that some of the better protectants can be difficult to get the best results), also looked at aftermarket professionally applied, plus backed up with a 7 year warranty, for me, it's worth it.

When I sat down with the Finance manager, I was prepared for the high pressure push on the extended warranty. Once I let him know I wasn't interested, did my homework, he didn't push at all. Again, this isn't how it usually goes!

Shawn spent at least 1:30 going over everything (think we sat and chatted for a good 1/2 hr before that too, he's not one to just push thru to get sales, an amazing purchase experience!).

What else can I say???

I still sit here and think, WTF? This was way too easy, way too stress free! No car sales games.

I've talked to some people at work that have been going there for service also and been very happy. There's another dealer in the area, a friend of mine had a bad experience with an accident repair, not to mention , well, I've lived here for most of my life, some dealership families earn a less then stellar reputation.

No pressure, best price, lifetime powertrain warranty, great location (right off the highway, southeast part of Milwaukee). If you live anywhere near here, I highly recommend talking to Shawn at Subaru City.

Best part, I'm finally a Subaru owner, I remember reading about the GL Wagon at the start of the 80's, why it took so darn long, no idea, but thats in the past, my latest dream car is in my garage, after the best car purchase experience I've ever had.

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2018 Subaru Outback Limited 2.5L with Eyesight
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I'll add my experience to date with Schlossmann Subaru City (formerly Schlossmann Dodge City):

I live in Maryland and visit Milwaukee twice a year. The drive is 796 miles, each way. Schlossmann serviced my 1991 Dodge Spirit quite well twice a year from JAN 2011 to 24 JUL 2014 when one of the technicians broke the parking brake cable by pushing on the pedal instead of pulling on the release handle. They didn't take responsibility. I was displeased, but still had good feelings toward the dealership since the Body Shop manager had repaired my driver's seat for free after my Dodge was rear ended by a pickup truck. It made its final 796 mile trip to Milwaukee in DEC 2017, and is now enjoying semi-retirement in my garage. A salesman rode to my house with me once when I left my Dodge for clutch cable replacement, and that was my first time driving an Outback. It was a 2013 or maybe a 2014 and I liked it.

On Thanksgiving Day, 2017, my brother-in-law convinced me that the day after Thanksgiving is the best day of the year to buy a new vehicle. I visited the Subaru of America web site that Friday and used the Subaru On-Line Configuration System to work through the details of what I wanted, a very well equipped Outback including Eye Sight, of course. To save the configuration I entered my contact information and identified a dealer. An hour or two later I received a call from the lady at Schlossmann who handles internet inquires. She told me that they had exactly what I wanted on order, other than for dealer installed options, and it was due in in early December. She offered what sounded like a nice price to me, about $2000 off of List Price. I said that I was quite interested. She put me in touch with Fiz, a salesman. Over the next few days we sorted through which of the Dealer installed options I actually wanted installed before taking delivery, and completed pricing the 2018 Outback Limited with the dealer installed packages.

I told Fiz that I'd pay in full with a check from one of my Milwaukee bank accounts. Titling was to be up to me since I needed to title it in Maryland. Things got a little awkward since they would normally title a vehicle in Wisconsin or Illinois, and Fiz wouldn't initially agree to providing me with the Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin, which I wanted in order to get it titled in Maryland. His intent was to title it in Wisconsin then give me a Wisconsin Title which I could submit to get a Maryland Title. Both Wisconsin and Maryland warned me not to do that or I'd essentially be paying Sales Tax to each state. After some back and forth and research and discussion with Schlossmann management it was agreed that if Fiz went to the bank with me to get a certified check, they would trust the check and give me the Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin.

I drove to Wisconsin and showed up for my appointment on Saturday morning, 23 December 2017. Fiz give me a ride to the bank in a demo Outback. I got my check. We went back to the dealership and I completed the purchase, and received the Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin. This was a learning experience all around. I guess that they need to be careful not to be scammed. (ASIDE: When I bought my new 1991 Dodge Spirit in Maryland I was short $8,000, and just made a down-payment. I took delivery with a hand shake agreement to bring the $8,000 over in a few days. Times have changed.)

I've been extremely satisfied with both the sales experience and the service at Subaru City. I'll have the 18 month servicing at Subaru City on 09 July 2019, but the mileage will be just about 10,300. The waiting room is very clean and quite comfortable and I enjoy the free cookies and popcorn and WiFi. I don't drink the free soda.

I'm very happy to have the Dealer Supplied Free Unlimited Time and Mileage Power-train Warranty, with $100 deductible. It is for the original owner of a new Subaru only. I think that the expectation is that with Wisconsin's Salt buyers of New Subarus will not keep them too long, but I had all of Ziebart's Protections added and I like to keep running my cars a while. ...
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