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Subaru dealer installed oil filter

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I recently had an opportunity to view a Subaru (the blue not the black) filter that had been cut in half. I couldn’t believe what I saw!
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...ooohh my...this is entertaining...but seriously folks. If you don't know what is in one of these things you are suprised to see that all it is is just coiled up paper with lots of tiny holes in it. I know I was surprised when I first saw one. My thought was...geeze...that's it?

My TDI oil filter does not even come in an enclosed canister. The canister is built into the moter and you just take out the old paper filter and a couple of O-rings and replace them all along with the paper filter. That kinda shocked me.

I hear ya.
My old Austin Healeys were similar. A housing with a threaded bolt through it. A paper/fiber filter came out, you replaced the filter and the O ring at the top of the house to seal it against the block.
A real pain to replace and reseat correctly, but a great way to check the filtration unit every time it was removed for replacement without having to cut it in half with a jigsaw.
1 - 1 of 27 Posts
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