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2015 OB 3.6R ES/Nav and 2016 OB 2.5i ES
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Just found this forum while searching the internet for another Subaru. Already have a 2015 3.6 loaded with 198,000km and finally, after 13 years of being a one car family in the country, bought another one. We were looking to purchase a 2016/2017 Legacy, and my wife found a 2016 OB at a Cadillac dealership that was a steal. Yes, we consider we stole it. The second car needed to have Eyesight as minimum, and the 2.5 Touring model fit the bill perfectly. Also included a set of snows on rims, trailer hitch, and had only 46,000km. So, we now have a 2015 and a 2016 side by side in the driveway, one blue and one grey, and looking the same when covered with road dirt.

We were solid Toyota and Honda followers, and never give up the car until it hits 500,000kms. When the 2009 Accord transmission went at 350,000 - we needed to rent a car. A week with an Outback sealed the deal, and we went Subaru. Have never been happier with the choice. Actually after the second week, the Eyesight saved my life by hard braking (seatbelt locked) to avoid a bounding huge rack buck that bounded out the bush. Missed it by mere inches, never saw it, and had i been a split second late, would have been wearing that buck through the windshield.

We believe in regular maintenance at the dealership, 45km away, who have never let us down. have replaced 3 windshields in the 2016 (it's a Subaru design flaw). I bought an aftermarket one the last time when it was my cost. Replaced all wheel bearings around 180,000kms.

My wife thinks I treat the 2015 OB like a truck, and have hauled a lot of wood, brick, a kayak on top, and occasionally tow our 26ft MacGregor trailer sailor boat.

I have my eye on a 2020 Subaru Accent, but only if I have 500,000kms on the 2015
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