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Subaru GTP and aftermarket hitch

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I went to trade in my 16 outback for a 17 outback using the very generous Subaru guaranteed trade program value. I was told I had to take off my 2 inch torklift hitch from my car to qualify for the GTP program since I had modified the vehicle with aftermarket accessories. Car has to be stripped of non approved accessories or Subaru won't take it back.

No big deal, 30 mins is all it took to pop the bumper and pull the hitch. Was going to do it anyway. Just wanted to throw that info out there if you were deciding between the Subaru hitch or an aftermarket one.

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I have traded 3 cars in with the GTP and have gotten more more than that do to very clean and low mileage trades. Let me tell you not one of the cars went for sale for what I received for trade in always a lot more. I argue about mileage and no wear and tear and make out better have to hold your ground. The longest my trade ins lasted on lot was 3 weeks!!
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