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Hey all, I called my folks last night and my step-father Alan, City Commisioner/Administrator of my hometown, told me that Subaru is going to be building a small manufacturing plant in my hometown of Paris to provide parts to the main American Subaru factory in Lafayette, Indiana. This may not seem like a lot but it is a big deal for my town who already has two similiar plants that make parts for Toyota and Cadillac. Plus its neat because it will seriously boost my towns economy as well as providing something Subaru related in my hometown other than my Outback when I come home from Omaha :D

Alan was not for sure exactly what was going to be produced there although he said he won't have a viable excuse to make fun of Subaru anymore... he's an avid Chevy fan who despises Japanese anything :rolleyes: But it seems he's taken a liking to Toyota and now Subaru :p

Just so you know my hometown is Paris, Illinois. Its a small farm town in east-central Illinois along the Indiana border, directly west of Terre Haute, Indiana. Over the past 5 years my town has explosively expanded more than it had within 20 years beforehand. Yea its still a dinky, podunk town for the most part... but its my home and I love it! :)
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