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Took the Subaru in because I had a suspicion my head-gasket was going to blow. No, the head-gasket wasn't blown, but does need to replaced soon.

Here's the deal. There are a few things also need replaced.

Timing belt
Valve cover gaskets
Cam shaft plugs
Water pump
Timing idler pulleys
A/C tensioner/ idler pulley

for all this the dealership is going to charge $3,000 for everything, including labor.

My question: My Subaru is at 208,000 miles. Is it worth replacing everything if my car has such high mileage? Is this a decent amount of money for this?

Would it be the equivalent to a new engine? If so, then I would say yes.

What do you all think?

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there are these places that like to work on subarus that are not dealers....find one, and save $500-$1200 on that work.

what you describe is a regular head gasket job plus a timing belt kit. regular work on any 2000-2009 4 cylinder subaru. (hopefully including the heads being machined).

the question about is it acceptable to do the work? it depends on how much you like the car vs. some unknow thing you would replace it with, how many good parts are on it., and how much rust.
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