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97 Legacy Outback, 04 WRX, 88 DL
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Hey guys, I recently started a blog where I'm bouncing ideas around for how I want to modify my '97 Outback. Some of the ideas are wacky ones that I'm just considering the practicality of. I would love some feedback or comments on this as it will be used for the eventual rebuild of the car. There is a list of ideas in one of the earlier posts and I am curious what the chassis of the OBW is fully capable of, if anyone has experience doing major modifications to these cars if there is chassis reinforcements necessary with adding extra weight and power. Maybe the unibody just isn't capable of much extra permanent weight and the whole idea is bonkers. The concept is done in 3D Studio Max, I have nearly 5 hours work on it so far. I just wanted to get the word out and see what people think. Thanks!

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