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Hi all

Ive been a Subaru Outback fan for the past 20 years but never owned one as I had company vehicles where I didn't have a choice of the vehicle I drive.

I would like to compare this vehicle to the rav4 hybrid awd and would like others opinion on this comparison.

My comparison between the 2 vehicles that are worth noticing are as below...

Rav4 advantages
Fuel economy of 5 litres per 100km
Much cheaper servicing

Rav4 disadvantages
Space saver spare
Radio system mediocre

Outback advantages
Full pare wheel
Power supply in boot
Great infotainment system

Outback disadvantages
Fuel economy not as good
Not as much power as the rav4 . (Turbo option not available here in Australia)

Any other thoughts between the 2 cars and your opinions?

Thank you

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The ride on long distances or less than perfect roads will be much better in an Outback - take a test drive and see which one you prefer.

The Subaru's AWD system is still better if you really need it - in bad terrain the full size spare will also make a big difference.
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I just traded in a Rav4 hybrid and while I loved the fuel economy I prefer the car like driving feel of the Outback.

The Subaru implementation of Carplay is much better as well. Easier to use on long trips in the Subaru.
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