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I am a new Subaru owner in the vancouver BC Canada area

I took my new Subaru to this dealership Richmond Subaru for basic service of oil lube filter and they added a fuel additive charge of $16

We never discussed any such service or product to my new Subaru yet Daniel the service tech added this to my bill. I find this highly unethical but I should have checked it in greater detail while I was onsite.

Greatly disappointed for my first dealing with this dealership given the "added and unauthorized" work at this dealership

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Yeah that's not cool.

Similar story: I went rounds with the Caterpillar dealer when they charged shop supplies (about $50) to flash an ECU I bought from their own parts dept. Can't imagine them using a lot of rags or cleaner or oil dry to plug in an ECU into their computer off the truck.

I griped and it was (eventually) removed. Maybe try the same tactic?
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