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'01 Outback Wagon m/t 4 cyl
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These comments regarding were taken from posts in the "Clutch Judder" Thread in the General >> Problems and maintenance forum...

I want to state this first I am not affiliated in any way this company I am going to suggest. I went to which is a dealership in Tacoma, WA!
This was done on my 2000 Outback Wagon 4cyl.
I ended up replacing my ICV for a new OEM one and the gasket.
ICV part number 22650AA21B $121.26
ICV Gasket PN 22659AA120 $4.66
My shipping & Handling was $12.59
So the total cost was only $138.51 (what a deal)
My local Califronia Subaru dealer wanted over $200 for the ICV alone.

Unfortunately, I will not order parts from, due to arguably sub-par customer service perforance and very poor communication...

subaruparts sent me my spoiler half hanging out of the box with a nice piece of missing paint... I'm not sure if it was the shippers fault or not... luckily it was in a fairly unsightly location. I agree they could work on their customer service...

I should add that my parts were shipped by their oversize carrier (who happen to drive yellow trucks.) I think they use "Brown" for most of their chipping.... err shipping! :)
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