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And the funny thing is, I'd say I only use it like 1% of the time. But man, when I use it it's a jewel! It takes some of the workload and stress off me as the driver. Because interstate driving where I live has pretty much become a chore all the time.
But I'm sure Subaru has the stereoscopic camera ACC market/system cornered. I've been looking at full size trucks, I know price for price one can't compare a Subaru to a full size truck. But the only two to offer ACC are Ford and RAM. Both of which use radar and a single camera. And of course being an American automobile manufacturer, it's a pricey option package. Because we should pay extra for safety. :3:
Then I read their owners manuals and it seems to me that the radar based ACC systems aren't as good as Subaru's Eyesight. Not to mention more costly if you get into a minor fender bender.
So alas I'll probably stick it out with this Outback (That was the plan anyways).
Also learned Subaru's electric parking brake apparently is what allows the ACC to hold the vehicle at a stop indefinitely. As opposed to vehicles with a manual parking brake, where the ACC will only hold a stop for a few seconds. Then the driver must intervene.
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