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Supercharger build on a '97; lots of info on my setup

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Somehow forgot to post this up here, but I though I'd share my Eaton M62 supercharger setup with everyone, and hopefully help people start their own builds.

For the sake of time, I'm just going to copy and paste my build thread from Here's the link with the complete documentation of the build.

My supercharger build; a 1997 Legacy Outback; 2.5L DOHC, supercharged with an Eaton M62 blower.

Parts list:

-Eaton M62 roots type supercharger (positive displacement)
-Turbo XS RBV-H34 Bypass valve
-2006 STi fuel pump
-RalliTEK Perfect Power 6 piggyback EM
-NGK BKR7E-11 plugs (one step colder)
-Custom double power steering pulley
-Innovative LC-1 Wideband O2 setup member Skidd inspired me to take on this build with his own SC project on a 2000 RS. Our engines aren't too dissimilar, and the basic concept is the same.

Skidd's SC build:

So I have been gathering parts and knowledge over the last few months, and today I got a little present in the mail thanks to ebay: an Eaton M62 supercharger from a 2001 Mercedes Kompressor.

I will not just be slapping this on my car, I intend to do it correctly. Although I want to keep cost down as much as possible, there is one thing I did splurge on; EM. I bought a used RalliTEK Perfect Power 6 piggyback ECU complete with all the accessories needed. I also snagged a set of one step colder spark plugs to help avoid detonation, as well as an STi fuel pump.

I bent the PS lines back toward the IM for a little more clearance there.

I have moved the ABS pump to allow more room for the SC. I just used the trusty sawzall and cut open the fender, then bent the lines by hand as I slid the pump in. I drilled new holes, and secured the pump with the old bolts plus nuts and lock washers.

Also, I moved the alarm speaker, and the charcoal canister to the back of the engine bay.

Next obstacle is routing the pulley. Should weld a pulley onto another power steering pulley then run the SC flat like reddevil? Or can I somehow take apart the SC and flip the rotors inside around so I can mount it upright like Skidd? I shall see...

^^That was my original build post, so it has some old info on it, but the thread I linked above has the rest of the info scattered across it. Hopefully some of you will start your own builds, and I am more than glad to share what I have learned with anyone interested.

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Very ambition, and neat project. It's Probably the quickest first generation around!
SO how is the project going?

I am looking to do something similar, but have always been wary of the risks.

I would really like to know more about the whole thing! Including specs
would this work on a 2007 subaru outback sport?
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