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89 MK3 2JZ Supra / 05 OB 3.0R
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Hey Everyone,
My name's Bryan.
From the SF Bay Area, CA 650/510

Pretty new to the Subaru life. Just last month i picked up a 2005 Subaru Outback 3.0R with 96k. Currently use it as my daily.

I plan to do simple things with the OB just wanna keep the motor generally stock just lookin to get an Air Bagged suspension setup and some wheels.

On the side i have a 1989 Toyota MK3 Supra with a 2JZ Twin Turbo 5 speed swap. It currently is down because the twins are done for. So right now it's undergoing a single turbo setup. lol in the process of sourcing parts...

heres a pic of each car.

Anyways, when I'm not dealing with Cars, you could usually find me on the computer Gaming [ WoW, BF3, etc ] or Xbox 360 [ Forza , COD, BF3 ] or just working / chillin lol.

Well im still learning about my OB, hope to meet some other chill owners later on.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts