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The 3.3 engine is pretty popular with the aircraft guys. Very good engine and when torn down and professionally built back up they can be wicked engines.

I built a Veri EZE with my grand father back in the mid 80's - Our hangar in Napa had 6 Eze's and two Glassairs we had three guys running Subaru power. All three were professional pilots who also raced various planes up in Reno.

Our plane was AA EAA rated highest builder quality rating a EAA plane gets and we ran an old school reconditioned 100hp Lycoming in it. We ran it on Auto gas from the 76 station - 190mph cruise at 70% - flat out she would do about 230-240 however the speed restriction with the Eze was the fixed pitch prop and how high pitch you could run it and still find a runway long enough to get you up to speed 90mph with the high pitch prop. Once moving though that plane was and still is considered one of the best performing light aircraft ever sold in kit form.

Probably the best video I've seen of the little EZE

Most people thought the LongEZ was faster but it was actually slower than the Verieze without some sizable modifications. Fun times. Spoiled my interest in spending hours and hours flying 172's getting my license. Kinda like teaching your kid to drive in your 911 turbo and giving him the keys to the 1985 Honda prelude when he gets his license. HA HA
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