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I have an 05 Outback, and the Jazzy Engineering iPod mod, and manual climate controls. The CD player is a little fritzy these days, so I found what I thought was a steal on an 09 Legacy 6CD changer with Aux/WMA wit manual climate controls. I assumed it would be a stock swap since they look identical. However, when I went to test the 09 install in my 05, the pin outs on the back of the 09 didn't match up with what was in the car, and I could only get the radio portion to work on the 09 when installed and connected. The 05 head unit has an extra cable that comes out that's not present on the 09 HU.

Will the P-206UNB from the 09 Legacy swap directly in place of a P-201UN HU? Or can I make it work with some sort of a conversion?
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