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98 legacy outback
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ive posted before about my Outback wagon blowing a headgasket. The cheap fix was taking a non-turbo charged EJ20 long block from a legacy in japan and throwing it under the hood. Everything else came off the original 2.5 engine and was slapped onto the EJ20 block and heads.

My question is, does anyone know if I can take all of my EJ25 parts off the EJ20, and put them on an DOHC EJ22 block and heads. Im guessing if yes if it worked with the japanese EJ20 but I want to use an American EJ22 out of a legacy so I don't have to re-weld a new EGR pipe to my exhaust because the japanese motors don't have the port in the left head.

The power kind of sucks with the 2.0 even though it runs perfectly. It's fine when driving without the A/C on but when you turn it on it really is a pain to drive up steep hills and such.
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