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In an effort to make the installation of the winch remotes as inconspicuous as possible there locations were selected bery carefully. The minimum amount of drilling needed for installation was done so the vehicle could return to stock with no visual signs of the modifications made to accommodate the winch.

Internal Remote
We started by locating a spot that was easily accessible but not somewhere that would be susceptible to being bumped - drawing the winch in when it is in as far as it can is not good for the winch motor and clutch.

Internal Remote Mounting Template
Having selected the roof of the fuse box access panel, we used the switch to make a template so we could mark the holes to be drilled.

Drilling Mounting Holes
With the holes marked (this is looking up from the floor of the car) we drilled holes large enough to accommodate the hardware provided.

Additional SUpport
To add support, making a more solid installation, we decided to use part of the mounting hardware provided - seen here on the top of the fuse box access panel roof.

With the remote screwed into place, it is easily accessed by opening the fuse box panel door.

And it tucks away nice and neat, as if it was never there. Nothing, like my knee, can bump it so there is no worry about the winch being accidentally activated.

Another look at how clean the installation went. The switch had to be placed far enough back so the lip on the fuse box access panel door won't make contact with it when closed.

External Remote Location
With the cabin remote installed, it was time to move to the outside remote. Since this vehicle will be equipped with our Gorilla Bar there won't be a need to use the OEM tow hook. So, with our interest focused on making as clean, inconspicuous an installation as possible, using this space was perfect.

With some drop off (scrap) aluminum, we cut a disc and then the needed holes to mount the remote and how have a hidden external winch remote.

With the OEM tow hook cover in place, the vehicle doesn't seem to be anything but stock (at least until the Gorilla Bar is mounted). But still, you doesn't see an external plug and the cover protects the switch from the elements, reducing exposure to the elements and prolonging it's life.

With a flat head screwdriver the ORM tow hook is easily removed to reveal a convenient, flush mounting point for the external winch remote.

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