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hi all, im new to Subaru and i have set up an 02 Outback as my work vehicle,
i work fulltime as a professional Snake catcher,dealing with peoples snake problems all over sydney.
I do alot of Km and i am just about to get new timing belt fitted,but i have a massive shuddering in clutch which is on its way out and i have been told i need a new viscous coupling which is in the gearbox.
I may need some advice on where to get components and maybe what workshops do the best work on Subaru.
Very nice cars though!

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02 Subaru Outback 5speed
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haha thanks, its always been a passion of mine and i needed a vehicle good for driving all over sydney with a bit of offroad capability also but i find most 4WD **** to drive compared to the outback it handles so well and very confidence inspiring when driving on wet windy roads.
I need to learn a bit more about the outback mechanically i would love to keep it long term and travel long distances
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