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Taken from Scoobymods:

Apparently the Purolator L14612 oil filters, when used on the XT engine, can leak in extreme cold temperatures, possibly resulting in a damaged engine due to loss of lubrication when all the oil leaks out. I changed the oil and filter on my XT, and installed an L14612 (having previously only used Subaru filters). No leaks were evident in the following days, but when the outside temperature dropped (temperatures ranged from -25c to -40c / -13°F to -40), the filter leaked at an alarming rate (a steady flow, not just dripping). The filter was correctly tightened. Luckily the oil did not get critically low, but apparently Subaru has posted a bulletin regarding this and the dealer told me they've done a couple of engine jobs at cdn$15,000 each because of this. Purolator didn't seem to be aware of the issue and may still be selling this filter to XT owners.

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OneOBS said:
I wouldn't change my habits because of a single incident. Even though it was correctly torqued, perhaps there was something else wrong with the istallation. Maybe no oil was put on the seal and it rolled a little. No way to know.
Still, forewarned is forearmed. Thanks for the information.
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