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technologically challenged

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I just bought a 2013 Outback with a navigation system that cannot bring me home, to church or to a restaurant.. Everything works as far as display and voice etc, street name and route numbers but the device takes me right past my house and everyplace else that I want to do to. It takes me to the general location and then apparently leaves it up to me to get specific. Is it broken? does it need to be replaced? Others in the forum do not report problems. Thanks
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That doesn't sound right. If you put a destination address into it it should route you to the driveway of your destination, unless it is in a big medical complex or something and then the directions get you to the main entrance usually. It sounds like there is something wrong if it ends guidance and leaves you to complete the last few hundred feet by yourself. Take it to the dealer to get it checked. GPS is only as good as the signal lock and the mapping that it works on, but it should get you (on a bad day)within 50-100 feet of your driveway.
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