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2019 2.5i Limited Forester (hers) (4th Subie), 2014 Impreza Premium (mine)(#5)
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Notice engine runs 190-200 give or take. 210 up a hill.

At what point is temp unsafe, shut engine down?

I need to pick a temp to have the Ultragauge sound an alarm.

So if say anything over 260 is super bad, I could alarm at 240
Oil temperature should be under 250, with a normal top temperature of 260 for good quality oil.

The thing is - it's like with coolant, where at times when the engine is overheating, you just want to take the load off of it and let it continue to circulate, to take the excess heat away. So you don't necessarily want to shut the engine down - you just want to pull over, turn off the A/C or other loads, and let the thing calm down a bit. THEN shut the thing down. Or put a secondary oil / transmission cooler on the car, which is especially recommended if you're towing.
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