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"Honey Badger" 2005 OBXT Limited 5EAT 108K+ miles
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my driver side TGV is throwing a CEL. the stealership is quoting me $1100 for the repair. whaaaa!?!?

many in the subaru owners club i'm in are suggesting i go with deletes. grimmspeed seems to have a decent price with a core swap. has anyone done this, or more likely, had this done? if so, how much did you spend and what manufacturer did you go with? has anyone considered it and decided against it? does anyone know of a cheaper solution to the TGV malfunction than giving subaru $1000+? i honestly think that this repair, deletes or not, is over my head and i'll be paying for someone to do the work. am i correct in this?

educate and enlighten a brotha.
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